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Fire CasesMuch of the investigation that occurs in a slip and fall case equally applies to cases involving fire damages. Many cases are the result of building code violations. There are several codes that may be implicated in any slip and fall case or fire case. The list below is not meant to encompass all of the codes that might apply to a slip and fall or fire accident case but is meant to highlight some of the most often used building codes:

1. BOCA code (Building Officials and Code Administrators International, Inc.): The most commonly used building code is the BOCA Code. Most states have adopted some, if not all, of the BOCA code.

2. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act): OSHA standards apply in the construction industry and in the workforce. Most OSHA standards are based upon American National Standards Institute standards.

3. The Life Safety Code: the LSC is widely used in many state building codes. It covers such issues as the ingress and egress of a building and many fire safety provisions. If your claim involves a fire, this code may very well be implicated.

There are also Uniform Building Codes in each state. These are just some of the codes that might apply to a slip and fall or fire case. They are a starting point and are not meant to include all the code provisions that might apply to a slip and fall accident or a fire damage claim.

Electrocution & Burn Injuries

Electrocution and Burn Injuries produce economic, physical and mental costs that are often overwhelming for the average person. There are millions of reported electrocution and burn injuries each year in the United States. Unfortunately, some of these result in substantial injury or death. Electrocution and burn injuries are frequently the direct result of the negligence of another person or company and can result from on-the-job injuries, construction site accidents, defective products, defective wiring and a variety of other tragic circumstances.

The source and cause of the electrocution or burn accident are critical and should be obtained as quickly as possible after an injury. The costs of an electrocution or burn injury are staggering and can easily exceed a million dollars. Every year thousands of workers are seriously injured because of defective electrical wiring. Coming into contact with power lines or an exposed electrical source may well be the result of an employer's negligence. Although workers' compensation benefits aid employees who were injured on the job, they are usually insufficient to fully compensate injured workers for all damages.

Electric companies must use reasonable care to protect the general public from their wires. If a power line comes too close to a house or sags the electric company may be responsible for any injury that occurs. Electric companies often fail to repair lines within a reasonable time after a storm and if others touch the downed wires the electric companies could be held liable. If you or a loved one has suffered an electrocution injury or suffered a burn injury I would encourage you to contact us.

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